T-Mobile @Home: Things you’ll Like and Dislike

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Simple Install, Good Value, Excellent Quality Audio
@Home is simple to install, easy to use, provides excellent-quality audio for wireless and wired devices, and is a smokin’ deal ($10 for all you can eat wireless and wireline calling in your home with a strong feature bundle that replaces over $100 of wireline cost per month: a $1,000 savings per year for me). This opinion is consistently shared among the numerous reviews that I have read. It is rare for a service to be so simple that all you have to do is connect it to your network and it comes up live, but that is the typical experience of users. Ethernet in, phone cord out, and you’re pretty much done! Life should be so easy; my mom could install this service in her home.

Features You May Miss
Although @Home includes nearly everything that you could need for only $10/month (Caller ID with Calling Name Display, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Voice Mail, International LD at reasonable rates, option for 2 lines), there are a couple of features that I missed from my wireline service:

  • FAX transmission
    @Home’s VoIP service does not support transmission of FAX (although other VoIP services, such as Vonage, do support FAX). Only occasionally do I need to send a FAX, so this is a minor inconvenience. If one really needed FAX service, then they could sign up for an inexpensive Internet FAX service <http://www.faxcompare.com/>. Alternatively, if you or a friend are still connected to wireline phone service, you can move your FAX machine and connect it there. Distinctive ringing will allow the FAX machine to share the line with regular voice traffic, so that the FAX machine only intrudes and answers calls that are dialed to that specific, “distinctive” number. UPDATE: FAX Support (for incoming/outgoing facsimile transmissions) is coming in Summer 2009, so this will no longer be a feature you may miss. Read more on this upcoming feature here.
  • Inexpensive International Calling  <– Now Available
    T-Mobile has reasonable rates but not as good as you can get with special packages for folks that call internationally often. No biggie for most users, since you are probably saving around $100/month from your wireline service. UPDATE: You can get dirt cheap International rates, for those of us that make a lot of international calls each month, and it is available as an inexpensive T-Mobile feature for less than $5/month (which you’ll recoup on your first international call or two).

“For just $5 a month more, T-Mobile @Home International Discounted Calling
gives you the best international calling rates of any national wireless/wireline
carriers†, with rates starting as low as 5 cents a minute to Europe and includes
unlimited calls to Puerto Rico.” [from the @Home FAQ]


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