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September 22, 2008 at 3:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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@Home delivers “True Caller ID” that includes Calling Name Display. Nice!

I had a narrow (and, apparently, aged) view of the Caller ID feature. Originally, there was a distinction between Calling Number and Calling Name display (Caller ID preceded Calling Name, and display of Name was sold as an enhancement to the display of the calling party number). (Note: Just to date me, I worked at AT&T Bell Labs when we first designed and introduced these features that utilized the new, out-of-band signaling system). Now, there appears to be no distinction and Caller ID includes Calling Name (see attached definition, from the Qwest web site). Since @Home seeks to provide you with wireline-equivalent features, it includes all of the basic features, even voice mail (see the demo here).

Now if only they would deliver Calling Name to my handset!
It’s readily available, and even starting to appear in the marketplace. (Full disclosure: the company that I work for, VeriSign , actually delivers the Calling Name service for @Home, and the same solution can be delivered to your wireless phone, too – the mobile operators are just unsure if subscribers really want it on their phone). Technically, you can receive the same quality of Caller ID (including Calling Name) that you receive on your wired phone. If you want Calling Name delivery on your mobile, tell your mobile phone company!



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  1. You know I remember when this was first coming out it was so nice to be able to see who was calling you…I’m not particularly found of people who call private anymore because I’ve been scammed in getting information due to the fact that I had applied for a scholarship and got a call saying I had got it and all they need was my info…

    Dumb me gave it to them when I should of been thinking why would they need it again when it should be on the paperwork already!

    Anyways, call it a learning experience and hopefully one that won’t come back in bite me in the ace…

    Needless to say, I don’t answer those calls that show up blocked or private anymore…

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