Longer Talk Time over Wi-Fi (WMM)

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If you use a Wi-Fi phone with @Home, then be sure to use the T-Mobile-specific router when possible, for longer talk time and standby time. How much? 100% longer talk time and 30% more standby time [according to numbers in the Wi-Fi Alliance promotional materials]. This delivers several hours of talk time and days of standby time when using the Wi-Fi network, so that you need not worry about which network you are using. At present, the T-Mobile @Home router is pretty much the only device that provides these benefits for you, at home. 

The @Home router is optimized for voice over the Wi-Fi network; T-Mobile and Linksys (Cisco) thoughtfully included enhancements over the usual Wi-Fi router to (a) reduce handset power consumption and (b) ensure best audio quality by prioritizing voice traffic. The T-Mobile-specific Linksys router ensures excellent quality transmission of voice over your Wireless LAN by including support for some new standards (Wireless Multimedia, or WMM) that allow you to reliably send media (voice, video) over the WLAN. These features are so valuable that the Wi-Fi industry has created a certification test to allow consumers to recognize that the device supports Voice over Wi-Fi. It’s called “Voice-Personal,” and it includes support for:

  • Power Conservation
    (“WMM Power Save”)
  • Voice traffic prioritized to enable high-quality audio transmission
    (“WMM Quality of Service”)
  • Simultaneous voice calls with high quality
    (4 simultaneous calls are tested while the network is loaded with other data traffic, just like you’d experience in your home with other people using the Wi-Fi network while you attempt to talk over the same, shared network)

Note: Both your phone and the router need to support the feature for you to get the benefit. For example:When your BlackBerry Curve supports WMM Power Save and you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot (that lacks these features), you will not get the talk time that you enjoy at home.


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