Ensuring Calling Name delivery

October 10, 2008 at 4:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Oddly, I had some difficulty in getting Calling Name to work right on my @Home installation. Fortunately, to reproduce the wireline Caller ID service that includes Calling Name, T-Mobile provides “true Caller ID” that includes Calling Name and so I expect to get the same experience as I have on a wireline telephone: reliable delivery of calling party number and name. Unfortunately, the Calling Name component has not been working right. I was getting Calling Name info on some calls and not getting Calling Name on others, with no discernible pattern.

Solution: Customer Care finally fixed the problem: they transferred me to @Home Tech Support, and they found that my Calling Name service somehow was not activated. (May have had to do with the fact that my number did not port over correctly, but I doubt that). They did a couple of things, but the last one did the trick: they first (1) rebroadcast that my telephone number had been ported to T-Mobile (in case Qwest still thought that they owned it) and (2) reprovisioned my Calling Name service. Then, they called me back at a later time to ensure that the fix worked. Let me repeat that: They called Me to ensure that the fix worked, and that all was well – when have you received that service?!?

Nice job, T-Mobile Customer Care!  😀


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