Free calling in Wi-Fi Hotspots; Multiple cell phones @Home

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Want more free calling for more members of your household?
Do these members of your household prefer to use their cellular phone?

Solution: Add the “Hotspot @Home” calling feature and then they can call free from any hotspot, including your @Home hotspot, over 8000 T-Mobile hotpost locations (including Starbucks locations), any open Wi-Fi hotspot (school, cafe, etc.). Check out the excellent website and animations.

This option is for other folks that spend a lot of time in hotspots and who could benefit from talking for free in those hotspots. 
Whoever set up the @Home account already gets this benefit, as part of their @Home feature.

This would benefit someone who talks A LOT. My daughter, for example, prefers to text, and so this is not a good fit for her. She has a monthly subscription and never uses up her allotted minutes of talk time, so this is not a useful feature for her. 

Even though it’s called Hotspot @Home, it is offered independently of the @Home service. You can have one, or both, I think of HotSpot @Home as @Home service without the free, wireline service in your home, but with the added ability to use T-Mobile hotpots for free. Hotspot @HOME = Unlimited Hotspot Calling

Limitations of the Hotspot @Home feature
Only applicable to:
( ) T-Mo monthly subscriber  (not “To Go” Pre-Paid)
( ) Wi-Fi capable handset
( ) UMA support

I’ve compiled a list of compatible phones, check that post for a comprehensive list and more details about handset choice.


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