Poor coverage? Sprint offers free Femtocells

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Sprint is using the latest technology to provide old-fashioned value: satisfying your existing, valued customers. Sprint customers that are experiencing poor coverage can receive an in-building solution: their new AIRAVE femtocell, according to a recent New York Times article. “Kevin Packingham, a Sprint senior vice president, said the company is also giving the devices away and waiving the $5 monthly fee to customers who complain about poor coverage at home.” However, free, in-building coverage will only be provided after Sprint verifies that you’ve experienced dropped calls. For more on the Sprint femtocell, please see this earlier post that compares Sprint’s AIRAVE to T-Mobile’s @Home service.

Nice move by Sprint to retain their customer base in a way that is fairly likely to retain the subscriber. The benefit is only for subscribers that continue to use Sprint service, since the Femtocell will only deliver a boost for a Sprint phone on Sprint’s cellular frequencies. 

Perhaps other carriers will use femtocells in a similar manner, as the article also notes that almost 20 percent of the wireless calls in North America and Europe have unacceptable voice quality [Ditech Networks] undoubtedly many in-building, due to reduced signal strength.

Update: Poor coverage info is shared and available at Dead Cell Zones (http://www.deadcellzones.com/), where you can identify coverage holes for all North American carriers. What a great resource! If you are considering changing cell phone companies, you can go here and find out if there are coverage gaps that have been reported in your neighborhood, your drive to work, etc. Naturally, you can also check the mobile operator’s web site for their coverage map, but not all provide this data and they may be subjective or optimistic in their coverage maps. This site offers an unbiased report based on thousands and thousands of reports collected monthly. Share your coverage gaps with other consumers at www.deadcellzones.com!


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