Find and Fix Cellular Coverage Holes

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Common problem: Considering changing cell phone companies, but you’re unsure of the coverage?

Solution: Check out the coverage at this web site
                   … or get your own, In-Home, Base Station (Femtocell)
                        possibly for Free (more here)

Poor coverage info is shared and available at Dead Cell Zones (, where you can identify coverage holes for all North American carriers. What a great resource! If you are considering changing cell phone companies, you can go here and find out if there are coverage gaps that have been reported in your neighborhood, your drive to work, etc. Naturally, you can also check the mobile operator’s web site for their coverage map, but not all operators provide this data and they may be subjective or optimistic in their coverage maps. This site offers an unbiased report based on thousands and thousands of reports collected monthly. Share your coverage gaps with other consumers at!

So check for coverage at the Operator’s site (see below) and check for coverage holes at Dead Cell Zones.

Cellular Coverage Gaps:

Cellular Coverage Maps:

T-Mobile coverage:      

Verizon Wireless coverage:

AT&T Mobility coverage:

Sprint Nextel coverage:


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