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Prefer to have all of your calls alert you on your mobile? Prefer a single voice mailbox? Here’s a way to set up a simple, free, “One Number” service that ensures that you will see all of your calls on your mobile and get all of your voice messages on your mobile voice mail … even if people call you on your @Home number. 
Solution: Route calls to your office number also ring on your mobile.

How to: From your @Home line, set up Call Forwarding (when Busy or No Answer) to your Mobile number.

Dial *42 plus <Your 10-digit Mobile Number>

Calls to (1) your @Home number will go to your (2) Mobile, and then (3) to your Mobile Voice Mailbox. And, of course, calls to your Mobile will also go to your mobile Voice Mailbox. To cancel this Call Forwarding connection, just dial *93. With @Home, I prefer to give out my mobile number so that folks can reach me immediately and, alternatively, text me. But if anyone calls me on my wired, @Home, desk phone, I want to be sure that the call reaches me on my mobile and then goes to my Voice Mailbox. 

Suggestion: To ensure that a caller does not hear a lot of ringing (50 seconds or more, in this situation) you can select the amount of time that the call rings on your (a) @Home line and (b) your mobile before the call goes to voice mail. Just call T-Mobile Customer Care and tell them the amount of time (in 5-second increments) that you want the call to ring on each device. (Note: the default is 25 seconds of ringing on any T-Mobile line, and if I let it ring on (1) my wired @Home line and then (2) my mobile phone, then this would be 50 seconds of ringing that the caller would be subjected to before they had the opportunity to leave a message-too long to expect anyone to wait).

Ensures call delivery in case of an outage: Some folks have asked for a way to ensure that calls are delivered if the ISP is out of service, and this is a fine solution. If calls are not answered on your wired line (router down, DSL out of service, whatever), then the call will go to your cell phone.

Want More?While this is a great solution for a residence or Home Office, even more sophisticated solutions are available for an individual (Google’s Grand Central offers a very flexible and feature-rich, One Number service to simultaneously ring multiple numbers, etc.) or a business (voice mail systems, PBXs, Microsoft, and even BlackBerry have solutions).



Here’s an example of the kind of enterprise solution that delivers one number (with simultaneous ringing) and one voice mailbox:  

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Gives You One Phone Number, One Mailbox

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Gives You One Phone Number, One Mailbox! BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) helps mobile workers reach new levels of responsiveness, by consolidating multiple phone numbers and voice mailboxes, and extending enterprise phone functions to BlackBerry® smartphones.

According to research firm Gartner, up to 75% of telephone calls go to voicemail, creating a frustrating, yet often avoidable, time-lag in communications between your mobile employees and their customers, prospects and co-workers.

With BlackBerry MVS, mobile users can give out a single phone number that will ring simultaneously at their desk phone and on their smartphone, allowing them to be more responsive to their customers and colleagues when they’re away from the office.

BlackBerry MVS lets users enjoy the productivity benefits of enterprise voice communications on their BlackBerry smartphone, in a similar fashion to how they use enterprise email on the go.

It helps users manage incoming calls by giving them the opportunity to: 1) first answer calls made to their enterprise number on their BlackBerry smartphone; or, 2) allow unanswered calls to go to a single corporate voicemail. Users spend less time managing messages as a result.


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