About Me & Mobility Consulting services

Mobility Consulting horizontalI am an industry expert who designs new mobile networks and services for a living – what fun! I also offer Mobility Consulting services to accelerate the delivery and enhance the profitability of new products and services, bring over 20 years of experience in standards, planning, design, and delivery of innovative products. Please go to Mobility Consulting to learn more!

I was blessed, as a student, to be invited to work at AT&T Bell Labs (the finest R&D organization of its time), and that has been a fun and interesting ride. It led me to an excellent education, interesting and rewarding work, my wife, and many wonderful and skilled colleagues. If you hang around the right people (in this case, very smart people), some of it rubs off on you. 😀


If you care to discuss something off the blog, please drop me a line here and we can continue the discussion offline. Just insert any note that you want to send to me in the box below, and I’ll get the message (this method avoids exposing my email address to spammers)


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